Magical Merryment: Dragon’s Brew


Drank by kings in their gilded halls, prized as the cornerstone of a dragon’s hoard, sought by adventurers the world over the mythic Dragon’s Brew is a beer few have seen and even fewer have tasted. Descriptions of this ale, by those who have claimed to have seen or tasted it, paint it with a bright golden hue, an almost gold like shine, frothy white head that never settles, an aroma of pine and roasted nuts, with a heavy body and a rich nutty sweetness that provides a long lasting warmth. Said to have been brewed by the finest dwarven brewmaster of the 4th age after his capture at the hands of a powerful dragon lord, this brew was cultivated for nearly a decade in magical casks to preserve its flavor over the dragons immense lifespan so he might enjoy it for centuries to come. After the dragon’s death at the hand of a usurper his casks ended up scattered, placed in holds and drank by his enemies until only a few remained. After centuries the casks retain a certain mythic reputation that drives the desire for their reclamation by kings and heroes who wish to drink from these casks and brag about the wealth and status they represent. The legend says that drinking from a cask of Dragon’s Brew grants the imbiber great fortitude, insurmountable courage, and heals wounds.

Dragon’s Brew is a different kind of magical item or reward for your game in that most adventuring parties will not be able to transport an entire cask of it. To satiate a dragon these casks must be suitably large and are likely a Pipe (128 gallons) or a Tun (256 gallons) and are often encrusted with jewels and inlaid with gold. With 10 minutes of careful work you can pry 2d6 gems and 30gp off of the cask, you may do this three times, drinking beer from the cask should have a suitably invigorating effect on the individual granting bonuses against fear providing at least a 3rd level healing spell and a temporary bonus to strength or constitution, at GM discretion the beer may additional extraordinary effects. If the beer inside is removed it will go flat and warm within 24 hours, while not as delicious as it is straight from the cask the beer is still superb though it loses all its magic.

Plot Hooks:

  • Hocket Bramblethumb a halfling brewmaster is seeking a sample of Dragon’s Brew because he believes that he can reproduce the recipe.
  • Daurim Stonecask claims to be the descendant of the original brewer and has discovered a cask in the possession of a younger dragon in the mountains, he promises the players gold and a drink from the cask if they help him reclaim it.
  • A Priest/Priestess of the church of light is displeased with the local lord’s acquiring of a cask, believing the brew to be a source of corruption and greed and asks the players to sneak into his estate and destroy the cask.
  • In the nearby woods a runt of an ogre has claimed dominion over his brethren and a small tribe of goblins, he and his subordinates claim he is immortal, in fact he has acquired a cask and frequent imbibing grants him courage and regenerative properties.
  • The major draw of a local gambling hall is a flagon of Dragon’s Brew offered as a grand prize, unfortunately the cask is about to run dry and the proprietors need another tasking the players with obtaining one from an old dragon hoard protected by a tribe of troglodytes.
  • Deep in the halls of Glimmerhold a cask sat dormant for nearly a century after an ooze infestation wiped out the inhabitants. A black pudding that squeezed its way into the cask has gained magical fortitude and a shred of malign sentience.

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