Gods of Myth and Merriment: Simple Jack

The Drunken Host, The Stumbling Fairy, Grower of Grapes and Grain, are just a few names attributed to Simple Jack a minor fey deity and patron of vitners, brewers, and publicans the world over.


Simple Jack is a mystery to many, even those who worship or have met the capricious imp know little of his background and how he rose to such status and Simple Jack isn’t fond of telling, at least not telling the truth. Many stories circulate on his origin but the most prominent is that Simple Jack was a brownie who lived on a vineyard for generations, assisting the vintners and their families with the harvest, keeping rodents at bay and drinking plenty of wine. After a particularly bad season the vineyard was in danger of closing, the family grew distraught and wondered what to do about their predicament and simple Jack lent a greater hand than he had before and used his fey magic to help their grapes grow and ferment overnight producing delicious wine that saved the vineyard. Soon the family began venerating whatever spirit had aided them by leaving gifts and singing songs of praise and it was not long before other vintners and even brewers sought the blessing of fabled spirit of spirits. Simple Jack blessed them all and with each blessing the venerations grew and so did his power, but it was not long before Simple Jack grew bored of his newfound admiration and responsibilities. Simple Jack abandoned the vintners and brewers to seek out joy and merriment elsewhere, offering blessing to those he passed as he went; travelers found their wineskins full, taverns kegs never ran dry, vineyards bore fruit like never before, and songs danced on the lips of every drunk as he fluttered by. Today Simple Jack wanders the prime material plane visiting festivals and taverns, spreading joy and merriment where he goes.


As he holds no true home and has no realm to call his own Simple Jack wanders the prime material plane sleeping in hay lofts, Tavern beds, upon grain sacks, or in a vineyard’s fields. It is rumored that Simple Jack runs a tavern that has no true location, it simply appears along desolate roads to offer weary travelers respite, good food, and fine drink.


There are many who call him friend and few who call him enemy, still even more are unaware he exists at all. Simple Jack is aligned with any deity who appreciates feasts, festivals, drunkenness, song, and trickery. Simple Jack views those who preach temperance and sobriety as stuck ups unwilling to have fun and delights pulling pranks on them by getting them unwittingly drunk or embarrassing them in public, often earning him the ire of their patron deity. Many Fey call simple Jack friend, and he is popular with brownies, sprites, and many more of the lesser fey, whilst the likes of dryads and nymphs find him to tolerable if not annoying.


When depicted Simple Jack is often illustrated as a small fey with delicate wings and a flushed face, holding  a mug spilling over with beer or wine. On the rare occasion Simple Jack makes an appearance he often takes the guise of a halfling or some other some other creature of small stature, though on occasion he has taken the guise of a dwarf or an elderly human. Simple Jack can be spotted at festivals, feasts, and in taverns wherever he is passing through, he will buy rounds of drinks and encourage patrons to drink to excess, challenge them to drinking games, sing songs, and generally encourage them to embarrass themselves but he does work to ensure that no harm is done and that everyone has a good time. Those who drink with Simple Jack find that they are filled with vim and vigor the next morning and any damage caused in the wake of their revelry has been repaired, though often times their coin purses may be a little lighter.



When communicating with his followers, or those upon which he decides to impart his wisdom Simple jack will often whisper in their ears whilst they drink, send them dreams after nights of heavy drinking, or leave small notes and gifts in their fields. If need be Simple jack will send brownies, sprites, and even leprechauns to aid his followers or assist him in his endeavours.


There is no formal clergy or center of worship for those who revere Simple Jack, instead his followers often erect small shrines to him in their storehouses or taprooms and leave offerings of food, wine, and ale for Simple Jack of his minions to enjoy. Those clerics that choose to devote themselves to Simple Jack are rare indeed but a blessing to the communities they live in. It is a priest’s job to ensure proper cultivation of crops like barley, hops, and grapes and they must work to ensure that the needs of their vintners and brewers are met. Some of his priests travel the land bestowing blessings on vineyards and taverns they visit along the way often aiding in minor repairs or helping with the harvest. Since there is no major church associated with him Simple Jack’s priests often hold services in taprooms and taverns, curing hangovers and leading patrons in drinking songs while extolling the benefits of helping one another and the joys of song and merriment. Those who become adventurers often seek out new and exciting cultures whose feasts and traditions to bring home with them or to spread to new lands, they often assist tavern owners in their travels and provide nourishment and entertainment to their companions.

Game Details

Simple Jack is a chaotic good minor deity who is associated with the domains of chaos,  community, good, growth, travel, and trickery in the pathfinder roleplaying game and trickery in D&d 5e

Simple Jack’s favored weapon is the club

His holy symbol is a crude mug filled to the brim with grapes

His sacred colors are brown green and purple